The Woodcuter cuts down trees, plant saplings and remove leaves around the tools area which is <?> sized . You need a Standard Hull to use this Tool. For the others it is too complex. It's good for farming wood in no time.

The WoodcutterEdit

Woodcuter Modul
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Modular Cost 34
Construction Time 9m 45 sec ■
Typ Tools
Tooltype Harvester
Working Area  ?
Working Speed  ?
... ...
Renewable yes
Health Points 6 ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Stackable No
Drops Mod. Cart
Standard Hull Reinforced Hull
- -


- -
- -
Side Chest Top Chest
Front Chest Internal Chest

You need to add at least one of the Storage modules to  store materials from the trees.

2012-11-20 05.21.36

Basic Hull with the Woodcutter. The Standard Hull is a minimum requirement.


Put the saplings you want to use in the three slots located in the carts interface. Lay a track where you want it to go. Make sure that there is dirt on both sides of the track so saplings can go there.


Put fuel in the engine and let it go. The cart will place saplings every second block. When it comes to a tree it will start to remove all the leaves and collect all apples and put them in the storage module. All saplings will go in their slot to be planted again. Then it will cut the wood from the top and store them in the storage module.


This is how it's made:
You need 5 Saw Blades, 1 Iron Bar and 1 Wood Cutting Core

Woodcuter Crafting