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 Welcome to the Steve's Carts 2 wiki

This wikia page describes a Minecraft mod called Steve's Carts 2.
Here you can find information about the Steve's Carts 2 Mod!

Curent Version is the BETA 18 for Minecraft 1.7.10

Steve's Carts 2 Official Trailer05:03

Steve's Carts 2 Official Trailer



Steve's Carts 2 is the minecraft mod dedicated to letting you experience the minecart system to its max. Instead of the three normal carts you can design your own. This is not a matter of making them looking as fancy as possible, even though many people would argue for them being fancy, but instead a way to add the features you would like to have in a cart. Features include but are in no way limited to drills, railers, solar panels, storages, wheat farmers, dynamite carriers, seats with steering ability, shields and shooters. Since the modules can be matched and mixed with very few limitations the number of carts that can be put together increases dramatically to an enormous amount. But fear not, it's very easy to get started. After you've learned how the Cart Assembler works you're set to go (don't worry, you can watch a video if you want).

Steve's Carts 2 introduces a modular system where you can build a huge amount of carts (hundred of thousands) by combining the parts you want.
It's possible to make 1,140,776,321 different carts!

This Mod is just in alpha but seems to be quite stable, but if you want to use a non alpha mod you can use Steve's Carts 1, This page will be expanded in the near future. And yes, it's now available for multiplayer. To get started building carts you should build a cart assembler. Then you'll need a hull of your choice as well as all the modules you want to add. Then you can just do so in the assembler. You also need coal in the left hand slot of the two slots on the right. The cart will be placed in the right hand one when it's done.

If you need help or have any suggestions you can write them in the forum thread. That was about everything, remember to read the installation instruction carefully and
then have fun. Thanks for using the mod.

Having trouble installing/using this Mod ? click hereto go to the forum page. Check out the Troubleshooting page for solutions to a variety of problems.

You need the Cart Assembler to create Carts in Steve's Carts 2. 



The installation guide. Please visit our installation page. (click)



Overview of all available modules and upgrades (click) (WIP)



All available Items for crafting (WIP)



All available Blocks (WIP)


Downloads version: MC 1.7.10

Changelog / Bugfixes (out of date since wikispaces site is down)

Pictures & Videos


Pictures and Videos of Steve's Carts 2

Mod Spotlight - Steve's Carts 228:16

Mod Spotlight - Steve's Carts 2

This is a spotlight of Steve's Carts 2 made by direwolf20

How to install Steve's Carts 2 with MultiMC01:35

How to install Steve's Carts 2 with MultiMC

Getting started with Steve's Carts 2 by Vswe himself.

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