This mod uses forge and should therefore work with most forge mods. It does not
alter any base classes.

Back upEdit

Remember to back up your files before installing the mod, there's no guarantee that
everything will work. Also if you have minecraft up and running, close it.


Step one is to of course to download the mod. I guess you've done it already but if
you haven't here's a link: Steve's Carts v2.0.0 Beta 18 (MC 1.7.10)
Install them by following the instructions below.

Installing (Windows)Edit

  1. install forge
  2. download mod
  3. put mod in mods folder
  4. enjoy (hopefully)

Nothing is working? Edit

  2. Start with a fresh Minecraft install.
  3. Update Minecraft to 1.7.10
  4. Double-check Version!
  5. Update Java to the newest or do a new Installation.
  6. Update your graphics card drivers or do a new installation.
  7. Maybe check your audio drivers.
  8. Use the forum for any help.
  9. (Use the search function before creating a new topic!)
  10. Read this guide again step by step.

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Video InstructionEdit

How to install Steve's Carts 2 with MultiMC-0-101:35

How to install Steve's Carts 2 with MultiMC-0-1

How to install Steve's Carts 2 with MultiMC by Vswe

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