This is the most advanced storage module. It has a huge amount of storage but is both expensive and takes quite a lot of space to add. Since it has such a high modular cost you also need a Reinforced Hull to be able to use it.

Extracting ChestEdit

Extracting Chest
Extracting Chest Modul
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Crafting Cost 75
Crafting Time +55.35 min ■
Typ Storage
Slots 72
... ...
Renewable yes
Health Points 6 ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Stackable No
Drops Modular Cart
usable Modules / required Modules
Standard Hull Reinforced Hull
- -


- -
- -
Side Chest Top Chest
Front Chest Internal Chest
2012-10-31 21.14.30

The extracting chest is a module which adds 72 storage slots to a hull. A Reinforced Hull is a minimum requirement. This module is the largest storage module available.


Necessary items: 2 Large Iron Pane, 3 Huge Iron Pane, 1 Large Dynamic Pane, 2 Huge Dynamic Pane and 1 Chest Lock

Extracting Chests Recipe